DeAnna Reviews: The Wedding Contract by H.M. Ward

by DeAnna on November 13, 2014

DeAnna Reviews: The Wedding Contract by H.M. WardThe Wedding Contract by H.M. Ward
Published by H.M. Ward Press on 2014-05-12
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult
Pages: 301
Format: eBook
After I get the witch at the front desk to hand me my room key, I head for the shower. I was supposed to shoot my best friend's wedding alone, and I couldn't wait to escape New York and Nick Ferro.

Yeah, he's beautiful, sexy, and completely charming, but he's stealing my clients. He's done so much damage that I'm going to be lucky if I can keep my studio open for a couple of weeks. This wedding means everything to me, and I refuse to let a spoiled brat with a shiny new MBA put me out of business. Screw that.
But then I find myself wearing nothing but a smile when the person I hate most walks through the hotel room door. Nick Ferro. Two adversaries, shooting one wedding and sharing one room for one week. What could possibly go wrong?

After finishing my much-loved Arrangement serial (well, what’s been released thus far), I was dying for some more Ferro but unsure of how I would feel about new characters. However, Holly’s writing has me absolutely hooked, so I am willing to read everything she writes! And The Wedding Contract was no different.

Unlike most of Holly’s books, The Wedding Contract actually took me a bit to get into (similar to Stripped). I could kind of sense where the book was going early on, but pretty much all of the interactions between Nick and Sky had me cringing. They were just unpleasant around each other, and I had a bad feeling very quickly about what was to come.

Then I reached the halfway point, and things just kind of took off. All of a sudden, I was completely hooked and could not put the book down. I need to know exactly what was going on, what was going to happen, and why. Nick and Sky’s interactions stopped being hard to read and became highly interesting.

Some of the ending was a bit predictable, but there were other things that I really didn’t see coming. And for the record, Sky’s best friend Sophie is probably one of the best characters in any of these books! She is really sweet but downright hilarious when she needs to be.

Overall, though it took me a while to get into it, I found The Wedding Contract to be another really great book by H.M. Ward!


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