Joint Review: The Distance Between Us by Kasie West

by DeAnna on July 7, 2014

Joint Review: The Distance Between Us by Kasie WestThe Distance Between Us by Kasie West
Published by HarperCollins on 2013-07-02
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult
Pages: 320
Format: eBook
Money can't buy a good first impression.Seventeen-year-old Caymen Meyers learned early that the rich are not to be trusted. And after years of studying them from behind the cash register of her mom's porcelain-doll shop, she has seen nothing to prove otherwise. Enter Xander Spence—he's tall, handsome, and oozing rich. Despite his charming ways and the fact that he seems to be one of the first people who actually gets her, she's smart enough to know his interest won't last. Because if there's one thing she's learned from her mother's warnings, it's that the rich have a short attention span. But just when Xander's loyalty and attentiveness are about to convince Caymen that being rich isn't a character flaw, she finds out that money is a much bigger part of their relationship than she'd ever realized. With so many obstacles standing in their way, can she close the distance between them?

DeAnna’s Thoughts

I read Kasie West’s Pivot Point last year, and I loved it! I seem to be on a bit of a contemporary kick lately, so when I saw that her The Distance Between Us was on sale, I decided to buy it and make it my next read. I also messaged Jac about it because it was high time for us to read another book together, and I’m so glad I did!

The first time I read the first page, I was super confused because she was talking about dolls. After reading the description again, I understood, and right from the start? I was hooked. There was just something about seeing this confident, young rich boy trying to buy a porcelain doll that was so endearing! And I just loved Caymen’s snarky, sarcastic attitude.

The story progressed like just about any other contemporary novel. I can’t point out anything majorly different, but I was absolutely hooked. Seriously, it’s got to be Caymen because I just loved her and related to her so well! And her interactions with Hayden were so fun to read. I also loved her best friend and her best friend’s boyfriend. I guess it must have been the characters. I just loved it.

My only complaint is the ending. It wasn’t bad, really. It was a pretty good ending. But the book was just good enough that I really wanted more! I definitely plan on reading more from Kasie West in the future!

Jac’s Thoughts

When DeAnna sent me a text that The Distance Between Us was on sale, and asked if I wanted to read it with her, I jumped at the chance. I hadn’t heard much about this one before (I know, I know – I’ve been living under a rock!) but wow am I glad I took the chance.

I knew within the first page that I was going to love Caymen. (The highlight on my Kindle says “Wow, I love her – and I don’t even know her name yet!” in response to sarcasm on the 2nd page!) She is so sarcastic, it’s perfect!
And Xander? SWOON!! I just want to punch Caymen at times for not just coming out and saying what she’s thinking, because those are Xander’s only flaws – the ones that Caymen has made up in her mind.
This book is everything I love about contemporary YA/NA! A snarky, sarcastic female lead who is working through her own problems. A gorgeous and amazingly sweet male lead – who happens to be super loaded to boot! And then you throw in all the usual angsty stuff, and it’s just fantastic! Add in some amazing Stephen King references, a creepy doll store and a kick ass band? And you’ve got one heck of a book!




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