Review: Best of my Love (Fool’s Gold #22) by Susan Mallery

by Jac on June 29, 2016

How are we on book #22 of the Fool’s Gold series? I’m not sure, but it certainly doesn’t feel like we’re that far in!!

Susan MalleryI absolutely adore this series, and Susan Mallery has done something very few authors can do! It’s book #22 and I’m nowhere near tired of these books!! I absolutely LOVE when previous characters make appearances! I love every minute of every page. It doesn’t feel tired, worn out or like she’s stretching for more.

Shelby and Aidan are an amazing couple! And they bring so many wonderful qualities out in each other. They are both very damaged by their past – We got to know Shelby pretty well in previous books, including her brother ┬áKip’s!

But what I really loved about this book? Is the fun feel of this book – reminiscent of “What Women Want” where they are both using each other to learn how to properly interact with the opposite sex. (We all have a hard enough time with that – but when you look at their pasts? They are both in need of this!)

Of course their arrangement (to be friends for six months – without dating anyone else – to learn to deal with the quirks of the other sex) is bound to lead to some laughs, some great sexual tension and some undeniable chemistry!

If you’ve never read a Susan Mallery book? Fool’s Gold is the perfect place to start! (And you don’t need to read all 22 to get the the story – she does such a phenomenal job? You really can jump in anywhere! But then you’ll want to read all 22!


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